Only testing locations on the following form, current as of 09/2023, will be authorized. If you have any questions, please call TELUS Health at 760-723-3056.

Download a list of Collection Site Locations.

What Is a “Clean-Card”?
A “Clean-Card” is a document which certifies that the Employee has met all requirements of the NECA/IBEW Drug-Free Workforce Program. The Clean-Card is issued upon passing the initial drug test and is renewed when the Employee passes the yearly periodic test (see Section VII of the Summary Plan Description.).

Clean-Cards are invalidated for any violation of the Drug and Alcohol Policy, including failing to take a timely Periodic/Birthday test, being verified positive or for refusing to take a required drug or alcohol test. When approved to return to work by the Members’ Assistance Program (MAP), the Employee with an invalidated Clean-Card must pass a Return to Work test to obtain a new Clean-Card.

In the event an Employee fails to meet any of the requirements of the Drug and Alcohol Policy, resulting in their failure to qualify for a Clean-Card or the invalidation of a previously valid Clean-Card, the only means by which the Employee may take a recognized test is if it is authorized by the Members’ Assistance Program.

Who must have a Clean-Card?
No Employee covered by collective bargaining agreement requiring participation in the NECA/IBEW Drug-Free Workforce Program should be employed by a participating Employer without a valid Clean-Card. Violation of any provision of the Drug and Alcohol Policy (DAP) shall invalidate an Employee’s Clean-Card.

When are Clean-Cards Issued?
Clean-Cards will be issued only for initial testing and periodic/birthday testing. Clean-Cards will be mailed to qualifying Employees so that they should arrive at their address of record within seven calendar days of the collection. Clean-Cards will be valid up to the end of the calendar month of the Employee’s birth date in the next calendar year. Clean-Cards will clearly designate the Employee’s name and the expiration date of the Card.

Verification of Clean-Card Status
Every participating Employer will be provided with a telephone number which will allow 24 hours per day/365 days per year computer verification of Clean-Card status. Access to the system will be by an Employer-unique security code. When an Employee is hired, the Employer should verify the possession of a valid Clean-Card by calling the Clean-Card verification number. If the Employee does not have a valid Clean-Card (whether because of a positive test, a failure to appear for a required test, an expired Card, being declared ineligible for a Clean-Card, or testing is not yet complete), the system will not have any reportable information on the individual. Questions by the Employer can also be directed to a designated NECA/IBEW Drug-Free Workforce Program client services representative in the MRO’s office.